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Even-Odd Penalty Bet – How to Effectively Analyze Penalty Bets

Betting on football not only satisfies the passion of fans but also offers attractive rewards. To meet the increasingly diverse needs of players, bookmakers continuously develop new types of bets, including the even-odd penalty bet with a relatively high winning rate. So, what are the characteristics of this type of bet? How can you effectively soccer tips ht/ft analyze it to ensure a win?

What is an Even-Odd Penalty Bet, and Why is it Popular?

In a football match, the outcome can depend on a penalty shootout if the score is tied. Therefore, it's no surprise that the most exciting moment is often the penalty shootout.

Understanding the mindset of football enthusiasts, top bookmakers have introduced a new form of betting called the even-odd penalty bet. It quickly became a "hot" keyword and gained enthusiastic support from those in the "industry," attracting high curiosity and interest among all players.

An even-odd penalty bet is based on the penalty kicks of both teams during a match. This type of bet is only placed when the match result is a draw and needs to be decided by a penalty shootout.

Characteristics of Even-Odd Penalty Bets

Due to its excitement, even-odd penalty bets almost always appear in matches and are the most lively and exciting part of the game. Players can showcase their ability to predict scores by calculating the penalties. This form of betting is not new and is very familiar to players at top bookmakers.

In this type of bet, players have only two choices: even or odd for the total number of goals scored by both teams during the penalty shootout. The betting process is quite simple, but one note is that the even-odd bet only counts in the first five rounds of penalty kicks for each team. Therefore, players must use their quick prediction skills to bet on this penalty kick.

Besides betting on whether the total goals are even or odd, you can also bet on the number of successful penalty kicks by each team. The probability of winning this bet is 50%, and the payout rate from the bookmaker is very high. Betting can help players quickly recoup their capital because penalty shootouts happen quite quickly.

How to Calculate Even-Odd Penalty Bet Winnings

In penalty shootouts, top bookmakers will determine the player's win or loss based on the number of successful penalty kicks by both teams.

Each team will have 10 penalty kicks, corresponding to 5 kicks per team, alternating turns. At the end of the shootout, the team leading will be the winner. If the teams are still tied after the penalty shootout, the match will continue until a winner is determined. The result will be based on the final outcome of the match.

At first glance, this type of betting seems straightforward, but winning is not easy. The number of successful kicks depends not only on skills or form but also on psychological factors and luck.

However, precisely because of this, this bet becomes quite attractive to players. Typically, reputable bookmakers will accept bets when the shootout is about to or already taking place.

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Tips for Betting on Even/Odd Penalties You Can't Miss

Even/Odd Penalty Betting Tips Even/odd penalty betting has fairly simple rules, making it easy for anyone new to the game to place bets without spending much time learning. However, winning and earning large rewards isn't easy. Check out the following quick betting tips to increase your chances of winning:

Analyze the Shooting Ability of Both Teams Information is crucial in sports betting, and it's even more important for penalty shootouts. When each team selects 5 members to participate, bettors need to evaluate and analyze the abilities, success rates, and the usual direction these 5 players shoot to make suitable betting decisions.

Place Bets Immediately After the First Shot Penalty shootouts are not about technique but about mental strength. Many talented shooters fail in penalty shootouts due to unstable psychological conditions. The first shot is considered to determine over 70% of the match's outcome. If the first player fails, it heavily impacts the whole team's mentality. There might be many more missed shots after the first one. Therefore, according to experts' experience, betting on penalties is only for those who are truly patient. You need to carefully wait for the first round to end, analyze and evaluate both teams' shooting abilities before placing your bet.

Currently, reputable bookmakers allow players to place bets after the first shot is completed. This is a significant advantage for bettors as the first shot greatly affects the players' psychology and the outcome of subsequent shots. Players should take full advantage of this to place bets and win even/odd penalty bets.

Choose Appropriate Bets Even/odd penalty bets come in various levels, so players should consider choosing a suitable betting level. Do not follow the majority; instead, judge and decide to bet according to your own opinion.

Calculations When Analyzing Bookmakers Compared to other types of bets, even/odd penalty bets are quite easy to play. Therefore, many players are subjective and do not calculate when betting, leading to the risk of losing and going empty-handed after just a few games.

Therefore, in betting in general and penalty betting in particular, players must know how to calculate and manage their bets most carefully. This will help preserve capital most effectively.


Even/odd penalty betting is an extremely exciting form that stimulates every player's thrill. This special form has a very high winning rate, attracting much attention. Hopefully, you will apply these daily betting tips app to play more effectively. And don't forget to visit Wintips for more useful information!


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